• Avoid wearing your bra more than twice between washings. The elastic in even the finest bras needs to “recover” after a day of wear
  • Have a minimum of three basic bras. One to wear, one to wash and another ready to alternate


  • Hand wash your lingerie in a delicate detergent specially formulated for bras and fine lingerie. Normal detergents and bleaches or even delicate soaps can destroy elastic and lace
  • Always air dry as heat can destroy elastic.
  • Do not wring out or twist garments to remove excess water
  • If you must machine wash, always fasten the hook at the back of the bra to avoid possible snagging and place the garment in a lingerie wash bag with like colours
  • Remember, machine washing and drying risk destroying fibers and elasticity
  • Rinsing garments in cool water for a few minutes will help restore its stretch


  • Soft bra can be folded gently and stored in a lined drawer to prevent misshaping or snagging from uneven surfaces
  • Stack or hang moulded bras to avoid creasing or misshaping the cups


  • Use a lingerie travel bag to keep lingerie together and help avoid crushing between other items in the suitcase
  • Bring a small container of your gentle lingerie detergent for washing on the go
Forever new (delicate wash)
Forever new (delicate wash)


EUCALAN (delicate wash)
EUCALAN (delicate wash)


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